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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Donate online

Donations to Abjol's Tower Hamlets Respect campaign fund can be made online using a debit or credit card or Paypal account. Donations will be processed via the Respect Party Paypal account and forwarded to Tower Hamlets Respect.

You can also send cheques - made payable to Respect Party (write Abjol Miah or Tower Hamlets on the back) to Respect Party, PO Box 167, Manchester, M19 0AH.

To comply with UK laws please read the statement below before making a donation. Thank you.

Terms and conditions - please read carefully

In compliance with party funding laws, if I am donating more than £50, I understand that my details will be checked to ensure I am registered on a UK electoral register (this applies to overseas residents as well as UK residents). If I donate more than £7,500 to Respect nationally in the course of a calendar year (or £1,500 to a single Respect branch) I understand that my name and the amount of the donation will be reported to the Electoral Commission for publication on their public register of donations to Respect.

Donate to Tower Hamlets Respect Campaign here

You can also donate direct to the bank account with the following details

Bank Name: Unity Trust Bank

Bank Ac Name: Tower Hamlets Respect Renewal

Account Number: 20204789

Sort Code: 08-60-01


Abjol Miah is a community activist for in Tower Hamlets over the last 25 years, he is currently the National Chair of the Respect Party.

Abjol Miah was a Councillor for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and was the leader of Respect Opposition Group since 2006 and sat on the Tower Hamlets Overview Scrutiny Committee and made contribution on the Strategic Development and Development Committee.

In 2010 general election Abjol was the Member of Parliament candidate for Respect in Bethnal Green and Bow.

Abjol Miah read BA Social Anthropology and Sociology at Goldsmiths University of London. He has a wealth of experience in youth and community work. Abjol has had over 15 years of Youth and Community work experience with local authority, 5 years experience working with voluntary and community organisations, 2 years as a Drug Prevention Education Officer for Healthy Schools and 3 years working at the Drug Action Team.

Abjol Miah was the founding chair of Tower Hamlets Muslim Advisory Group to the Metropolitan Police Borough Commander, as well as serving in other community organisations board.

 In his spare time Abjol Miah is involved in various voluntary organisation in the borough as well as being a presenter of the locally acclaimed radio show. His passion for charity work led him to drive from Brick lane to Sylhet, Bangladesh in order to raise funds for cyclone victims. With his feloow humanitarian he entered Gaza with Viva Palestine to deliver aid to its people.

Being a man with a sense of justice, equality and community, He has led on many campaigns including

1) Defend council housing/Over Crowding
2) Opposing drug, alcohol misuse
3) Issues of Poverty, unemployment and Cuts
4) Justice for the people of Palestine
5) Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan with Stop the War Coalition
3) Racism of all forms recently with United Against Fascism

A family man, he is happily married with 4 children (2 daughters and 2 sons) and enjoys fishing, cycling and sports.

Abjol Miah is a Martial art instructor, who has won Silver and bronze at the UK Stick Fighting tournaments, representing Britain in 1994 World Stick Fighting Championship in the Philippines. He currently teaches Martial Art to children and young people.